About the project

The motive for doing this project is a demand of a common (online) psychological assessment (tests in the areas of cognitive skills, interests and personality) on a wide European level for persons with learning disabilities. The focus of many projects in that area is on the weaknesses, this one is on the strengths. Within the basic project “Search & Found”, which is an online diagnostic for person between 14 – 21 for consulting and matching with companies, there were many positive feedbacks and inquiries of European organizations and counseling centers, which want to pay for and use the online tool, it is on the way to transfer it to other countries, by that the technical system will be upgraded.

An analysis in the partner countries for this bid showed that there is no comparable equipment of measuring the applicants’ profiles especially in the area of adolescents with learning difficulty. In some of the partner countries there does not even a national system of evaluation of competences for this target group. Within this project the aims are to develop a diagnostic system to evaluate competences in the area of personality and abilities and check the interests for young applicants with learning difficulties. So they get to know where their strengths are, so they know themselves afterwards better and get an orientation which area is the best for him/her. If the individuals go in the direction which suits to their strengths, this means more chances for the young people with disabilities.

The consortium consists of institutions, which are closed to the labour market, many of them have long experience with persons with learning disabilities, do career counseling and job integration. Therefore they have the needed networks to schools, training centers, employment market services and psychologists. The quality of the product will be guaranteed through the internal and external evaluator and the quality criteria.

The aim of the transfer project is to enhance the labour market situation of the adolescents with learning disabilities in the partner countries, as well as an advancement and relief of the selection procedure of young employees for the employers of all partner countries. An indirectly aim of the transfer is the translation and culturally adoption of the tools into many languages.

The expected effects are the display of the skills and the recognition of their own strength. Additional decrease of the unemployment for the target group will be enabled by a normalized and objective tool for orientation for themselves and with easily usable tool for counselor/trainer. One additional benefit is that the job search for the target group becomes easier and the job selection of the apprentices and young employees at European level grow. In addition the demands of the companies will be executed in a more targeted manner, investment of the selection process is decreasing and applicants will faster get a job in line with their talents and personality.


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