Karriere Club

Karriere Club is an independent service centre which acts as a trusted advisor to its clients providing full range of career management, development, and training programmes. Our team consists on different highly-qualified specialists –economists, educationalists, psychologists, psychotherapists, specialists in data processing and linguistic. We work with people from 14 to 60 years’ old. Many of them are people from disadvantaged target groups (older people, slow learners, people without education, disabled people, people with social needs,…).
Karriere Club has experience in international projects since 2003, we acted in Grundtvig, Leonardo da Vinci, Erasmus, Youth and ESF as promoter, coordinator and partner. We developed products in psychological, economical, educational, linguistic and other areas with different target groups (PwD, educated individuals, young job seekers, etc.).
Based on the former experience with international projects Karriere Club has an internal financial system to cover all regulations of European projects. On the other side Karriere Club has its own project management system for operating in international activities like intergration of people into the European labour market, etc. and organise different projects in the area of education.



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