Konya Province National Education Directorate

Konya Province National Education Directorate is a state institution dependent on the Ministry of Education and in charge with the planning and coordination of all kinds of educational and training activities from pre-school education to the end of secondary education in Konya Province including 3 center and 28 provincial districts.

Konya Province National Education Directorate currently conducts its activities in its own building in the city center. There are 31 District National Education Directorate offices, 1.674 schools and other educational institutions, 478.258 students and 21.901 teachers within the responsibility of the Directorate.

Our Directorate includes Personnel, Appointment, Examination Investigation and Evaluation, Culture, Education-Training and Student Affairs, Program Development, In-Service Training, EU Project Department, Computer and Test Services, Pre-Primary Education, Special Education and Guidance, Physical Training Sports in School, Services for Teacher and Social Affairs, Scholarships and Lodging, Private Education Institutions, Health Affairs, Non-Formal Education, Apprenticeship and Vocational Technical Education, Research Planning and Statistics, Budget Investment and Facilities, Education Materials and Tools, Archive and Administration Department, Civil Defence Services and Media and Public Relations. The institution is responsible for teachers out of staff, students, primary and high schools.


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